Garage Sales: Pastime Numero Uno

I’m telling you.

There’s few things on the weekends that are more fun than bargain hunting. Its a family affair, here. In fact, I think DH loves it more than I do. (Although, watching two or three (!) kid’s soccer games on a Saturday is pretty fun too…albeit tiring).

I thought I was good at bargain hunting and bartering. But seriously? My man can talk a baby out of it’s candy. He’s especially good with the ladies; they love him! I swear, if something is marked $1, he’ll offer $.13 and they’ll agree…with a smile, even! (Ok, not really $.13 but just about…).

Recently, I discovered a great new resource called Garage Sale Tracker. On this handy little site, you can search for garage sales in your area by distance, date, and even items you’re looking for. You can contact the seller and get direction to the sale (super cool!). Search flea markets and consignment shops in your area as well.

If you are having a garage sale, you can list your sale for up to two months in advance, meaning more exposure for your sale. You can even post images…all for free!

Its your turn: Are you a bargain hunter? Do you do it on a regular basis?

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    Ogrody i parki Says:

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    Apron Says:

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    Storage Units in Lansing Says:

    Do you have any other garage sale resources? Thanks…

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